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Activism Belief

Activism Belief   How Does “Corruption”Work in the Human Brain when received Subliminal Communication Image influence Human Mind on earth? “Subliminal communication: A communication or message that is received by a person without his full or specific awareness. Frequently, it … Continue reading

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Educating People

  This issue is a very important one for the following reasons. Did you know that one person can make a Big Different, dont be afraid. It’s all about spreading your ideas and belief about Blogging on corruption. No matter … Continue reading

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Opinion on Activism

Activism Opinion   WARNING: Certain material about Activism Site will  have a  graphic, photo of bloodly dress, this will paint pictures of reality. About the Abuse of Power and Corruption depicts extreme sensuality, brutality about  American State and their real world. As result I have … Continue reading

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Abuse of Power & Corruption

My Reality About Abuse of Power & Corruption Some Folk’s of earth believe most people living here on our planet is Corrupt. Do you really believe we all live in a web of  corrupt lie, other say it’s what cities or town that … Continue reading

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