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WARNING: Certain material about Activism Site will  have a  graphic, photo of bloodly dress, this will paint pictures of reality. About the Abuse of Power and Corruption depicts extreme sensuality, brutality about  American State and their real world.

As result I have Fact and Date and  article of email  and their return paper work , accoreded to Fact,some reader may  not like the truth, beacuse it’s happen in their State, because they don’t believed it happen. 

MyActivism Site is to permoted   fact using information and portrayal lawness society in these American State.

Yes it’s authentic truth from  Cowser Coropration com . First time, Activism/Site  will representation truth of a era of Corruption and how  power of abuse happened, It may disturb  manys folk, that why my Activism Site was create, per using American law!

 I will Reporter analyzing  this events:  

My intend is not to glorify Abuse the power of Corruption Rather,  to inform and educate the public about this Abuse of Power & Corruption  by different people and how they have display their Desensitized and Narcissism in these  American State .

Under Construction About Abuse of Power & Corruption

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