Sexually Assaulted Case on the Hawaiian Island: 2018 News Update

This what happen to me ,I lost my Small Housekeeping Business job due to my sexually assaulted this is my reason for becoming Political Activist to let the world no truth about what happen here on the Big Island.

Read Fact for yourself what happen during my horrible ordeal regarding sexual assault & Physical abuse:

This is what happen to me on The Big Island. I was strapped down in Paramedic Gurney, Punched in the face and stomach and Sexually Assaulted & Physical abuse by the Attending Paramedic who work in Waikoloa on the Big Island. In this tussle the paramedic gurney fell over and I injured my back.

This sexual assault & Physical abuse which happen to me on February 10 and I lost my Small Housekeeping Business job due all this as well of my injury cause by pain and suffer.

The case which took me 12 years before it was allow in Hawaiian Court in 2011 and they close my case 2012 . which I have filed in two different Courts ,In federal  and state court in The Hawaiian island . The court’s  lie and said I did not turn my paperwork in on time,I have proof I file my paper work on time.Yes,come,see, read and check out Paperwork and Hawaiian Court Respond.

Furthermore I had trouble with my Sexually Assaulted Case on the Hawaiian Island begin with the Former Big Island Mayor Harry Kim who was the Big Island’s mayor from 2000 to 2008, this the same man who didn’t nothing about my sexually assaulted case.

After I sent my paper work to Harry Kim who was the Big Island’s Mayor and he did not do a thing. So I then sent to former Governors Ben Cayetano from December 5, 1994 to December 2, 2002 and he did not do a thing and and he did not respond to any of my letter or email or phone called.

Also the other former Governors Linda Lingle from December 2, 2002 to December 6, 2010, this bitch sent me a threaten letter saying she was going to put me in jail if I email or sent any letter to her or call the Governors office again about my Sexually Assaulted Case on the Hawaiian Island!

As results of sexual assaulted & Physical abuse,I have back issue with pain due to injury, which is why I am on $750 a month also I have a food stamp card, so I made good use of my trifling income.

Furthermore due too my sexual assaulted & Physical abuse  cause  a “Back Pain Issue” and Pain as well as suffer from  other’s relate health issues from the physical sexual assaulted such as “PTSD” which is “post-traumatic stress disorder”.
  I now have a State of Hawaii Blue-Card Which is A “Disability Parking Placard” Expiration is  November of the Year-2023″.


This is the truth, I have two Doctor. Yes, I have one doctor for Pain Management & Addiction Medicine locations at 65-1227 A Opelo Road, Kamuela, Hawaii 96743.They open Monday thur Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30pm also close for lunch from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Close, Saturday & Sunday and all Holidays. And the phone number is 1-808-885-6020. The web site is a or
Beside this info, Dr. Ray has photo of my X-ray picture of my Back,which came from another Dr.from the Hilo Bay Clinic,Inc which is Family Health Center & their web site is

It’s true, I received my last bottle of OXYCODNE HCL 10-MG of 180 pills on September 29, 2016 yes R. Charles Ray MD was my Dr. since 2013 & 2014 and 2015, and on 9-30-2016 was last day I saw R. Charles Ray MD.

As of October 7,2016 R. Charles Ray MD who was my Pain Management & Addiction Medicine Dr., locations on Big Island.It official, Dr.R. Charles Ray MD is leaving and moving his office to State of Oregon.

Now, my new Dr is Dr.Parker who wont to give me morphine pill now, yes this is a drug made from opium,yes it’s to relieve pain. Why, I need more stronger pills now.

I told Dr. Park I will not take the morphine pill, so he cut my pill OXYCODNE HCL 10-MG down. Dr. Parker said 9 out 10 of all Dr.Ray patient were drug addict or they and I must be selling my OXYCODNE HCL 10-MG,thus he and refused to see me because he said I am drug addict and I must take morphill pill.

With that said I now have a new (PCP) and a new Dr. that will give me my only  Oxycodone  10-mg 58 tablet for pain pill.

It’s due to More Pain in my Back which has increase since my sexual assault that happen here on Hawaiian island the 50 state’ of American! Also I have to wear Lumbar Back Brace with lumbar support pad.

Furthermore I have caregiver who come to my apartment once a week and clean my apartment and this is an 3 hours job.

Furthermore I had my Medical Marijuana license with State of Hawaii -Department of Public Safety Narcotics Enforcement Division Medical Marijuana Registry Patient Identification Certificate for the last 14 years, here on Hawaiian island.

I have been medically qualified on 3/13/17 by M.D. Dr.James Berg and my license was issued on 03/23/2017 and my license will expire on March 31,2018. My Medical Marijuana license is from State of Hawaii, Department of Health.

My other Physician is Jim Berg, M.D. Dr. Berg is Board Certified in Family Medicine, his other Medical Office in Hilo, Hawaii, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and Ocean View, Hawaii and Hawi, Hawaii. They P.O. Box 371 Hawi, Hawaii 96719, Natural Primary Care and the web site is”or And the e-mail is or
Also Jim Berg, M.D. is the best Physician for Medical Marijuana Registry Patient with Natural Primary Care.

Furthermore did I say I see Don M. Hashimoto,PsyD at his Hilo Office for the last 15 years due to lifelong trauma due to mental and physical suffer & his web site is at Yes I have being dealing with my traumatic assault which was an sexual assault, As well as physical abuse & my injury cause by pain and suffer for 19 years.

Who knew about my case of sexually assaulted and Physical abuse & my injury cause by pain and suffer and did nothing?

These are the folks that hide the truth, they were the differ Judge’s ,and other folk’s as well as Neil Abercrombie the former Govern of Hawaiian island ,did not do their job. Their job is to exercise authority and administer the law in Court. Thus they fail to do their job,they commit Conspiracy which was a made agreement with their criminal intent was made when they close my case and cove-up my sexual assault & ass whipping, Because did want to pay me as well bias and Political Corruption and how they disrespect law in court this how they operation on the Hawaiian island.

Here is the List of name’s, I email and sent paperwork about my sexual assault, as well as physical abuse case, nothing was done.

1.Former Big Island Mayor Harry Kim who was the Big Island’s mayor from 2000 to 2008. this the same man who didn’t nothing about my sexually assaulted case.

Did you know that Harry Kim re-elected to become Hawaii Island’s mayor in 2016.

Kim word’s “Sadly, the trust in government is something that’s really questionable today, and that’s what people kept talking to me about,” he said. “He’s running on this ‘restoring trust in government’ platform,” This is the same man who didn’t nothing about my Sexually Assaulted case from 2000 to 2008.

2.I had a conversation on August 12, 2016 at Democrat Primary Election form with Mr. Clift Tsuji. I inform him that I was to run for Hawaii State Representative, District 2 and yes I lost the race and came in third place to Tsuji which was the incumbent in the Primary Election of August 13, 2016. Unsure about the 2018 Election!

With that said , Mr. Clift Tsuji said I am going to look forward to helping and working with my sexual Assaults case and to call you after this Hilo Grand Rallies. Furthermore he gave me his phone number and email address. Well,I have try lot of time to call his office and let message on the phone, but to no avail , thus I hope my email reach you and with this said Hawaii State Representative, District 2 Mr. Clift Tsuji. Did you know Mr. Clift Tsuji was just like the rest of these folk’s I name here on this page, they are part of the problem and not part of the solution,due to being Political Corruption and racism attitude ,yes this how they operation on the Hawaiian island.

On November 15,2016, Clift Tsuji died he was State Representative, District 2 and now he is just “Dust In The Wind”

I plan to file an statement of Candidacy form for the appointment to fill mid-term vacancy for open seat! This statement of Candidacy must be completed and submitted to Phil Barnes, Chair of the Hawaii County Committee, to be received no later than 5:00 pm on Monday, November 28,2016 addressed to Mr.Phil Barnes.

Furthermore Gov. David Ige has 30 day to fill the open seat vacancy for State Representative, District

3. GABBARD, Tulsi was re-elected for U.S. Representative, in Dist II – D Election 2016 This is the same lady who didn’t nothing about my Sexually Assaulted this year of 2016. When a person know about Sexually Assaulted and do nothing this give me litter faith and having trust in government.

4. I sent my paper work to my Senator Kai Kahele of District 2 to his email at — during the Month of August 2016 and he did not do a thing, just like his dead Daddy who was also my Former Senator Kahele of District 2 and he did not do a thing and and he did not respond to any of my letter or email or phone called, just like his son, these Kahele are worth dam in helping people of different race. Did I say if your Hawaiian folk we Kahele will help those people who are born of Hawaiian.

5.When David Ige was running for Governor in 2014, I call his headquarters, at both phone number at 1-808-462-4567 & 1-844-468-8800 and inform his people working for him, about my sexually assaulted case- but to no avail.
Now, I have send paper work as May 8,2015 to the new Governor David Ige and this is what they said: “Mahalo for your email. I value your opinion and appreciate you taking the time to contact me. Please know that I receive thousands of e-mails a week. My staff and I are trying to address these many emails efficiently and in a timely manner. Some issues require research and/or making contact with another government agency, and may delay us providing a response. I ask for your patience as we move forward. If your concerns require immediate attention, please call our office at (808) 586-0034.”
Furthermore I call the new Governor David Ige on June 19,2015 and was told it take about 3 months or so and their it is again, same old stuff, but with the new Governor David Ige here in the Hawaiian Island.

6.”Mayor Billy Kenoi charged with theft, record tampering- Mar 23, 2016 … Mayor Billy Kenoi was indicted today following an investigation into misuse of his county purchasing card”. Furthermore on Mar 24, 2016 … the Mayor Billy Kenoi said I won’ t resign.” A Hilo grand jury on Wednesday indicted Kenoi with ..Following the indictment, Hilo Circuit Court Judge Glenn Hara issued a bench warrant for the mayor’s arrest”.

Yes this the Mayor Billy Kenoi that refused to speak with me sexual assault, As well as physical abuse & my injury cause by pain and suffer for all these years.and Pastor Robert E. Daley work at Central Christian Church. This guy is being check out by The Hawaii attorney general’s office said Tuesday it will investigate Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi’s use of his county-issued credit after he acknowledged using it to cover personal expenses that included nearly $900 at a bar.also reported that other personal expenses included a $1,200 surfboard and nearly $2,000 worth of bicycle equipment.They say attorney general’s isinvestigation to determine whether the office pursues or recommends criminal charges, administrative discipline or takes no action. Get this nothing happen- when you are doing wrong and be reward with Thank you. Also we e-mail him again.
Hilo: Hawai’i County Building
25 Aupuni St., Hilo, Hawai’i 96720
Tel: (808) 961-8211
Fax: (808) 961-6553
TDD: (808) 961-8521
Kona: West Hawai’i Civic Center
74-5044 Ane Keohokālole Hwy., Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i 96740
Tel: (808) 323-4444
Fax: (808) 323-4440
TDD: (808) 327-6003
Facebook: MayorKenoi
Twitter: @MayorKenoi

Now On Tuesday, November 1, 2016 Kenoi acquitted on all charges.Yes most Island Hawaiian residents who find themselves with power of authority to execute right judgment of law – 97% of don’t do their job’s!

Everybody know OJ Murder Ron Goldman and how O.J. —Slashed Nicole’s Throat From Side To Side … I personal think he did It also 99% of people of world think so too and he was acquitted in the court of law too!

The bottom issue is just because your acquitted of criminal trial, don’t mean folk can still believe in their heart your an acquitted thug!

7. Senator Brian Schatz e-mail in 2012 & 2014 furthermore I took a photo of me and him at one his meeting in Hilo. Then I confront asked about my case as well as his lawyer- both said they have never heard about- you see they both lie about and after did not won’t to talk with me because he knew I was taping our conversation but to no avail.-!

Also send copy of paper work to his casework @schatz,senate.gove with their stamp of date April 4,2014 and time was 11: 20 am

Furthermore I send paper work to Brian Schatz when he was Lieutenant Governor working back then for former Govern Neil Abercrombie during year February 22, 2011 on Tuesday.

8. Send e-mail and paper work to dead Senator Daniel K. Inouye , And to Alan Yamamoto with paper work enclosed was the authorizes information sign and released form on behalf of US Senator Daniel K. Inouye about my case.This form was send to me and the only both parties agree not to discuss case arrangement about our settlement agreement. I never got the paper work back or any money as well,so all bet were off due to fact that a dead man was not able to pay me due to our settlement agreement.
I found out he was dead from reading new paper.That is why I never heard from him again, thus I keep all my paper work and as well as e-mail send to me. Did you Daniel K. Inouye was going to help but died.

9. Senator Mazie Hirono Call on phone and e-mail and send copy of paper work 2014, 2013,and 2012, as well as 2011 but to no avail.

10.Senator Daniel Akaka Call on phone and e-mail and send copy of paper work 2014, 2013,and 2012, as well as 2011 but to no avail

11.Judge Harry P. Freita at Hale Kaulike 2c, 777 Kilauea Ave, 2 floor, Hilo Hi-Close case

12. Judge Glenn Hara for Third Circuit Court at Hale Kaulike 2c, 777 Kilauea Ave, 2 floor, Hilo Hawaii. Then Dirty Judge Glenn Hara ask me to pay almost $200 dollars for my case then Close it!
Update in December 2016 Dirty Judge Glenn Hara retire from the job. The good thing is the Dirty Judge Glenn Hara can f***k over people no more.

13. Attorney General of Hawaii David M. Louie on Feb 6, 2012 to 425 Queen Street Honolulu,Hawaii 96813-Close case

14.Deputy Solicitor General of Hawaii Marissa H. I. Luning ,she work for the Department of the Attorney General on Feb 6, 2012 to 425 Queen Street Honolulu,Hawaii 96813-Close case

15.United State Federal District Court to Judge J. Michael Seabright 300 Ala Moana Boulevard,Honolulu,Hawaii 96850-0001 .This paper work was send on May 16,2011 .
Furthermore HE ask me to pay almost $900 dollars for my case then Close it!

16.In addition I have mail court paper work to Barack Obama who work for United State of American ,who is the President is hiding the  truth in his hometown About ,about my case being close by the Cove-up with my sexual assault & Physical abuse .Why did he hide it? It’s his hometown.

Being an Independent Educator with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Minor in Psychology & almost 23 years living on Island, It’s know fact their taught this attitude. Then learning being and form in their natural to be corruption or to harm other people & things involving crime or illegal acts. Why? Island folk say their mainland people, they are not born here on their Hawaiian island.

Culture differ,you thing?

Just look at Dana Ireland-After graduating from college in Virginia, Dana Ireland, 23, Kind heart to everyone, Blonde & beautiful was staying with her older sister Sandra, and Sandra’s boyfriend, in Kapoho .
Dana was riding her bicycle on scenic Route 137 on Christmas Eve in 1991. Dana pass Isaac Hale Beach Park where two brother Ian Schweitzer, and Shawn Schweitzer was their.
They men whistled at her and she waved back without stopping. About 12 minute late they got in their Volkswagen Beetle and caught up with Dana Ireland. They hit with the car and kidnapped by putting her in truck of car. The brother took Dana ,beaten her and rape her viciously.
Yes Dana murdered was in rural Waawaa, in a grove of pandanus trees,she was dead when she arrived at Hilo Hospital it was rumor. Dana Ireland body was in bad shape that her parent had to have Dana body cremated.

Did you Know the two brother’s First trial was Mistral and Native Hawaiian men was acquitted of their treacherous deed.

After big uproar by Dana parent the Ireland’s [Mainland People], they had another trial found guilty in the second trial of their murder & rape other treacherous deed.

Furthermore Two other men were also sentenced for the crime, but forensic scientists could link no physical evidence to any of the accused.[Dana Ireland--RIP]!

Questions raised about by rescue workers delays its rumor almost 4 hour about the Big Island’s emergency response system and led to a lawsuit filed by Dana parent the Ireland’s. In 1996, the Hawaii county settled the suit, after 8 years after murder of Dana Ireland.

Most Native Hawaiian who find themselves with power of authority to execute right judgment of law – 97% of don’t do their job’s!

In the newspaper on Sunday paper on April 26,2015:

Did you know there saying question raised doubts about Dana Ireland convictions!

But now a Legal groups call “The Hawaii Innocence Project” said they are in process of doing their background research because their belief is one of the men is not guilty of his offense he was convicted!

With that said, now do you understand how they commit and they are involving with crime and illegal acts.How many other people case’s have they close,had ass whipping, rape, murder here in the Hawaiian Island?

Some people said they made police report of crime but to no avail. Do you think they talk with former police officer which I made two police report but to no avail.Both of these former police officer who had work in Waikoloa,on the Big Island.

Some people are too afraid to talk and go back to mainland or their accident dead and can’t talk?

Beside closing my case, I have show you how they commit Conspiracy with Political Corruption with President help.

The President received his court paper and inform the court not to do their job in federal and state court in The Hawaiian island yes bigger than Watergate Cove-Up!

Under Loop-whole LAW under Constitutional Challenge with Federal and State Law when a Crime has happen already Relate to Political Corruption and Conspiracy in Any American State this is Precedent Law Under Loop-whole LAW Section.The loop law were case of crime & political corruption case’s can be reopen due to It’s free money pay for by the United State Government free under PORK Barrel programs! How does this work,it like this Pork belly spending benefits a politician’s voting area and constituents of that State that belly is being fed with all different kind of free programs.

How do they get all this free money, from all Americans who pay federal taxes each year in April of the following year? These taxes are based on the total amount of income for individuals minus applicable deductions. The federal government uses these taxes to pay for defense, education, housing, transportation and many other benefits like Pork belly programs. Congress is able to direct where this tax money is used. Pork belly or Pork Barrel spending is a term used to define when politicians use certain tax money to fund projects that benefit their constituents in their State,thus your case can be reopen under Corruption & involving crime or illegal acts.

Also under  Loop-whole LAW under Constitutional Challenge in the court both Federal and State. A Law can be challenge when a Crime has happen already regarding my sexual assault,Physical abuse & my injury cause by pain and suffer.My case can be reopen due to the above reason and below.

Did I say my “sexually assaulted & Physical abuse “relate to Law “Under Loop-whole under Constitutional Challenge with Federal and State, Law when a Crime has happen already Relate to Political Corruption and Conspiracy” hide by President of United State & other differ Judge’s ,and other folk’s as well as Former Govern Neil Abercrombie of Hawaiian island ,did not do their job as case can be reopen with the act of making a cash settlement by law due to my horrible ordeal regarding sexual assault ass whipping & my injury cause by pain and suffer.

Did YOU Know:
“If [the President] deviates from his duty, he is responsible to his constituents…. He will be absolutely disqualified to hold any place of profit, honor, or bust, and liable to further punishment if he has committed such high crimes as are punishable at common law.” (Emphasis added) and breach of trust. &Employing the Power of the Office for an Improper Purpose or for Personal Gain. ” . . . unmindful of the high duties of his office, of his oath of office, and of the requirement of the Constitution that he should take care that the laws be faithfully executed, did unlawfully, and in violation of the Constitution and laws of the United States, yes that is using Constitutional Challenge with Federal and State, Law when a Crime has happen already Relate to Political Corruption and Conspiracy“. . . those offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust. They are of a nature which may with peculiar propriety be denominated POLITICAL, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself.”

Furthermore”if the President be connected, in any suspicious manner, with any person, and there be grounds to believe he will shelter them from a crime or Political Corruption with his power by hiding this information of a crime he can be impeach for treason!

Beside that if the President willing know a State has and was involving with act of hiding a crime and or illegal acts. The House of Representatives can impeach him; they can remove him if found guilty;&“It is a technical term. It is used in a very old statute of that country whose language is our language, and whose laws form the substratum of our laws. It is scarcely conceivable that the term was not employed by the framers of our constitution in the sense which had been affixed to it by those from whom we borrowed it.”

“We the People” Have right to the Constitution of the United States.
Amendment 1
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech ,or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the governments for a redress of grievances.” under Section [4] “Congress cannot keep you from asking your government to correct something that you think is wrong.” [We the People] “can go to the government with your complaints”.

[We the People] will be protection for our “Four Important Human Right” can not be taken away by the people who work for them nor can the Federal government,because you as American are “protected by law”.

Furthermore our 14 Amendment]Section 1 [b] Nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal “protection of the law”. this law continue under Section 5″ The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article .Also [14 Amendment ,say you as American Citizenship under section 5 [b] that if any state takes away certain important rights of citizens or others,the federal government will step in to protect them], These WORDS are from The Constitution of the United States. Log in at Library of Congress, in Washington, D.C., and printed and Bound In The United State of America.

I can be reach by email or also web page is at -you can read all information or call these cell Number  808- 217-2004 or 1-808-731-5001.

Come see me & check out Paperwork and Hawaiian Court Respond.

Please “Hunger For A Taste Of Justice”
Psalms 82:2″ How long will you continue to judge with injustice” “And show partiality to the wicked”

True Fact:
2 Thessalonians 11″And for this cause, because they would not hear the truth,God shall send them strong delusion,that they should believe a lie instead.”

2 Thessalonians 12″That they all might be eternally damned who choose to believe not the truth, but rather had pleasure in unrighteousness”

Help  me with my case which was  an sexually assaulted and under Loop-whole LAW under Constitutional Challenge with Federal and State Law when a Crime has happen already regarding my case include Political Corruption and ETC. Help re- open my case with the act of making a cash settlement due to my horrible ordeal regarding sexual assault & Physical abuse, as well as my injury cause by pain and suffer. that happen here in the Hawaiian Island,Thank You.

“If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem”

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