Hollywood Celebrity- People Who Did Not “Hunger For A Taste Of Justice” year of 2015 About my sexual assault.

Every one know that a famous person has power to change some one life for good by standing up for Justice!

I have sent paper work to their Facebook and also have tweet to different Hollywood celebrity.

Furthermore I made copy of paper work that I sent to different court as well as Facebook post and to folk I have tweet too and sent it to my hard drive on computer & Free Agent Go Flex storing data for proof.
I am talking about Forensic Evidence by way of computer, as well as dress with blood on it during my Sexually Assaulted .
This too back up my word as well as copy of my paper work that I sent to the different court’s and to White House address to President Barack Obama.

Psalms 82:2″ How long will you continue to judge with injustice” “And show partiality to the wicked”

1. Bruce Jenner Sent paper work to Facebook page June 2015

2.Sent paper work to Gerard Butler Facebook page June 2015

3. On October 12, 2015 I tweet to Kim Kardashian West

4.Their should be class action law suit against Facebook because for last two months I try to post my comment about my sexual assaulted on different celebrity web page
also for 5 hours on Oct 12,2015. and was not allow by Facebook. Also on October 13,2015 for few hour I still received the same comment.

Facebook :Their comment was “Try again soon” and also “Sorry, there’s a temporary problem with this post.Please try again in a few moments”

Hello their was problem for two months and two days,Hello, isn’t their something wrong with this picture?

Facebook who is in control about what is post on celebrity Facebook and other Facebook post.This is why should be class action law suit against Facebook because they are lying about how they used Facebook to the World.

Did I say Facebook will come unto your page and edit your work, believe me, they edit my work about Barack Obama who is the President, because I said he was an crook and should be impeach for his treacherous deed.
Why? Due to fact the President hide a crime of Political Corruption with his power by hiding my sexual assaulted case and all my information about my case that took place here on the Hawaiian Island.
It’s a crime and that is why he can be impeach for treason!

What can I say more about Facebook?
Only that Mark Zuckerberg and his pregnant wife arrived at the White House in Washington,D.C., on September 25, 2015.
Its rumor to talk about my Facebook posting maybe?

Furthermore if Facebook don’t like a celebrity only then am I allow to post my comment about my sexual assaulted on their Facebook.

Facebook had no problems when I post my comment about my sexual assaulted to Bruce Jenner born male, who became a woman and Actor Gerard Butler who was born in Paisley, Scotland.

If I am lying why did Any these folk staff’s reach out and help me with my Sexual Assault Case or say something about my case! Its rumor they don’t won’t to see the paper work and f***k the truth

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