Mayor Billy Kenoi Indict on Big Island of Hawaii-Update New

Mayor Billy Kenoi charged with theft, record tampering
Mar 23, 2016 … Mayor Billy Kenoi was indicted today following an investigation into misuse of his county purchasing card.…/kenoi-charged-theft-record-tampering

Furthermore on Mar 24, 2016 … An attorney for Mayor Billy Kenoi said the county’s embattled chief executive won’ t resign. A Hilo grand jury on Wednesday indicted Kenoi with ..Following the indictment, Hilo Circuit Court Judge Glenn Hara issued a bench warrant for the mayor’s arrest. He will be released on his own recognizance.

“The Department of the Attorney General sought this indictment after an intensive investigation that lasted almost a year” said Attorney General Doug Chin in a press release. “I thank the investigators and prosecutors for their efforts.”

Kenoi couldn’t be immediately reached for comment.

This happening on Big Island -Now do you see Political corruption
Furthermore this is the same Mayor I sent my Sexually Assaulted Case too and I info him about the issue with I Back Issue-on OXYCODNE -sexual assault & Physical abuse on Medical Marijuana but he refuse to hear my case.

If they like you on Hawaiian island you can commit Corruption If they dont like you -you will be indict “for play show” -Go to

On Tuesday, November 1, 2016 Kenoi acquitted on all charges.Yes “Kenoi faced allegation of misuse of county funds for the past 18 months following media reports that he used the card to cover a nearly $900 tab at Honolulu hostess bar and other questionable or personal purchases.”

Most Island Hawaiian residents who find themselves with power of authority to execute right judgment of law – 97% of don’t do their job’s!

Everybody know OJ Murder Ron Goldman and how O.J. —Slashed Nicole’s Throat From Side To Side … I personal think he did It also 99% of people of world think so too and he was acquitted in the court of law too!

The bottom issue is just because your acquitted of criminal trial, don’t mean folk can still believe your an acquitted thug!

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