Different Hollywood in folk, different folk in Political also different company, Foundation & TV Celebrity- People Who Did Not “Hunger For A Taste Of Justice” year of 2016 About my Sexual Assault.

Different Hollywood in folk, different folk in Political also different company, Foundation & TV Celebrity- People Who Did Not “Hunger For A Taste Of Justice” year of 2016 About my Sexual Assault.

Every one know that a famous person has power to change some one life for good by standing up for Justice!

I have tweet to different Hollywood in folk, different folk in Political and TV celebrity also different company & Founation from March 11, 2016 to May 19,2016.

I tweet different stuff from 1 to 5

1. The President & Vice President hid information about my sexual assault & Physical abuse case here on the Big Island.
2. Let Stop Political Corruption Go to cowsercorporation.com I am now Running for State Representative-District 2 ,
3. Vote on Primary Election August 13,2016 for Janis E Cowser for Democratic Party–State Representative-District 2
4. Sexual Assault update 2016 New
5. Go to cowsercorporation.com Sexual Assault Case on the Hawaiian Island 2016 New Update.

All the People’s name listed below I have tweet too them all, reality is that these famous person has power to change some one life for good by standing up for Justice but the don’t give dam about anyone down and out.

Furthermore I made copy of paper work that I sent to different court as well as Facebook post and to folk I have tweet too and sent it to my hard drive on computer & Free Agent Go Flex storing data for proof.
I am talking about Forensic Evidence by way of computer, as well as dress with blood on it during my Sexually Assaulted .
This too back up my word as well as copy of my paper work that I sent to the different court’s and to White House address to Former President Barack Obama.

Psalms 82:2″ How long will you continue to judge with injustice” “And show partiality to the wicked”

I tweet these different folk on March 11,2016

1. lady Gaga –@ladygaga–I am about helping lady with their Sexual Assault. lady Gaga show about Sexual Assault during 2016 Oscars was Farce—ok how about an symbol of untruthfulness.–oop did you said help 63 YEARS NEGRESS LADY – Its rumor SHE DON’T WORK WELL WITH NEGRO also Its rumor “Gaga don’t HELP NEGROES AT ALL!

2. @kate Hudson
3. kate Middleton @queenkate pics
4. @greta
5.@rob kardaslian
6. @katy Perry
7.@ khloe kardaslian

I tweet these different folk on March 25,2016

1.@kim kardaslian West
2.@rob Kardaslian
3.@rob witman –Senator
4.@ greta
5.@tom coburn
6.@ real donald trump
7.@ kate perry
8.@ kate upton
9.@ gerard bulter
10.@ bruce springsteen
11.@ hillary clinton–Senator
12.@ bill clinton– Former President -Presidential term January 20, 1993 – January 20, 2001
13.@ Jr motorsport
14.@ill gate
15.@ gate foundation
16.@global giving
17.@real ben carson-President Candidacy for Election of 2016- But drop out of the Election during mid term—–Ben Carson Former presidential candidate hinted on Wednesday November 23,2016 he accepted a post for Trump administration , saying “an announcement is forthcoming about my role in helping to make America great again.”

I tweet these different folk on March 26,2016

1.@ sentaor pat roberts–Previous office: Representative, KS 1st District (1981–1997) now Senator Roberts is Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee. Did you know Senator Roberts is also privileged to be a member of the Senate Rules Committee and the Senate {Ethics Committee}.
2.@ real donald trump
3.@kate Middleton
4.@kate Hudson
5.@ rick gervais

I tweet these different folk on March 28,2016

1.@ luke bryan
2.@ dierks bently
3.@dale jr.I tweet him about 60 time during March 28,2016 to Oct2016
4.@ real donald trump
5.@ twitter for news
6.@ gwen stefani
7.@taylor swift IFC
8.@ Rep kristi noem–Kristi Noem, Congresswoman for South Dakotahttps://noem.house.gov/ —I tweet and sent paper work to web site
9.@ sentaor dan coats Previous offices: Senator, IN (1989–1999), Representative, IN 4th District (1981–1989) I tweet and sent paper work to web siteand facebook– https://es-la.facebook.com/senatordancoats & site-www.coats.senate.gov/
10.@Gov mary fallen– I tweet and sent paper work to web site-www.ok.gov the Governor of Oklahoma Mary Fallin
11.@ mark zuckerberg ower of facebook—-What can I say more about Facebook?
Only that Mark Zuckerberg and his pregnant wife arrived at the White House in Washington,D.C., on September 25, 2015.
Its rumor to talk about my Facebook posting maybe?

I tweet these different folk on March 30,2016

1.@kehlani– What can you say went someone won’t to kill them self- I won’t to be “dust in the wind”–Singer Kehlani home from hospital after attempted suicide – during month March 2016—That was waste of time to tweet her!
2.@jessica sim
3.@jessica alba’s
5.@snoop dogg—what can I say about the dogg he is just into his family,friend and Marijuana –Yes dogg has said he did smoke dope in the White House, I guess it’s was marijuana and I am not talking about Medical Marijuana. Maybe that why he is not responed to my tweet.
6.@TMZ-that one this show come on at 12 pm in afternoon when folk are at work here in Hawaiian Island
7.@gigi hadid -!Its rumor daddy got her the model job
8.@ mohhamed hadid
9.@wentworth miller
10.@ garry shandlings
11.@yolanda foster
12.@ woody allen’s– let say he marry his step daughter–that young stuff was in mind for a long time!
13.@harrison ford earing
14.@dish nation–that one this show come on at 2:00 am when folk are sleep at night
15.@warren buffett–it’s rumor he racism–yes he do own FOX TV– were these folk work O’reaily- & Sean hannity
16.@ kristen stewart–I can see why she not in that many movie now!
17.@ charlize theron
18.@ tim tebow-NFL–What God does he pray too?Yes I tweet him about 50 time during March 30,2016 to Oct2016
19.@ sean penn
20.@kaler cuoco
21.@billy d. william
22.@steven tyler—still using drugs, Tyler, who collapsed while performing in Springfield, Illinois, on the 1984 tour. In 1986, the band held a meeting in which the band members staged an intervention on Tyler and persuaded him to enter a drug rehabilitation program’I am talking HARD CORE DRUGS-One would have to say too much uesd of HARD CORE DRUGS can fry anyone mind!
23.@ rally’s & checkers—it’s rumor most all their business is in KKK neighbour
24.@mark wahlberg
26.@shia la beouf
27.@mc gregon’s
28.@barron &budd
29.@sean hannity
30.@white sox–when was the last time they won World Series?
32.@ burger shack
33.@nissan–car place—how many recall have they had?—every years nissan is recall their car,what hell make me thing they are going help with my sexual assault case. Hell they can even keep their car running right!

If I am lying why did Any these folk staff’s reach out and help me with my Sexual Assault Case or say something about my case! Its rumor they don’t won’t to see the paper work and f***k the truth!

“If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem”

To be continue with more folk name

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