Farce Attorney & Legal Aid Service/Hiding/Political Corruption/ Sexually Assaulted Under RICO Statute/ call American State

 Farce Attorney & Legal Aid Service/Hiding/Political Corruption; Sexually Assaulted Under RICO Statute Statewide in Hawaii.



1.Legal Aid of Society of Hawaii , 305 Wailuku Drive, Hilo Hawaii.

On March 17, 2011 ,Thursday call between 9-11 and 1-3:30 those are the Intake hour & their number is 808-9340678. They claim did not have money or staff to work on my case.[ my record is my phone call.


2. Legal Aid Society of Hawaii–Partnership In Pro Bono,   primary address is at  924 Bethel Street ,Honolulu,Hi 96813.Also President, Board of Directors George J. Zweibel,Esq and Executive Director M. Nalani Fujimori Kaina,Esq. Yes ,Kyle Mc Namara  who is Civil Right Advocate , asked me what was my disability.I told him who know about  Political Corruption/ Sexually Assaulted Under RICO Statute ,  said  it’s his Boss, choice to do something.


3.Volunteer Legal Service of Hawaii, primary address is at 545 Queen St, Ste 100 ,Honolulu ,HI 96813. On June 22, 2011, I finally received  a phone call  by “Mr.John” he said that Volunteer Legal Service of Hawaii, dont handle this type of case. But,Mr. John was nice and helpful some what.


4.  Hawai’i Civil Right Commission, Supervisor Caralyn Vierra also  asked me what was my disability was and then  Ms. Vierra said .”  all I wan’t to do is make trouble, about my Political Corruption/ Sexually Assaulted Under RICO Statute, here in State of Hawaii ”.  She   work  at office  at  830 Punchbowl Street, Room 411, Honolulu, HI 96783-5095




5.Hawaii State Bar Association

Primary address is  1132 Bishop Street Ste 906, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 and their phone number[808-537-1868] & fax number[808-521-7963]


A. Attorney ,William Willy Sink[ 808-537-9140]


B. Attorney, Steve M. Shaw[808-521-0800]




6. Hawaii personal injury law firm ;Law office of Ian Mattoch.I call them Month of May 2011[ I have phone record as proof] at Hilo office {808-930-3442} 586 Kanoelehua Ave., Ste 200 Hilo ,Hawaii.


Furthermore Attorney  Mattoch of personal injury have two more office in Kailu -Kona 75-127 Lunapule Rd., Ste 158 and a office in Waimea at 65-1148 Mamaiahoa Hwy.


Inaddition he has offices in Honolulu, Wailuku, Lihue. Law office of Ian Mattoch claim “we are represented throughout the state.” and also “As a client you can draw on the personal assistance of six attorneys and 18 professionals plue a team of investigators and world renowned experts.”



I was told by the person who work at his office that he would not take my [personal injury] case about Political Corruption/ Sexually Assaulted Under RICO Statute, that happen here  on the Big islands. Question, if his law office has renowned experts, why didn’t someone investigators both of   my case.


Attorney in American refused to help me with my CaseHiding/Political Corruption/ Sexually Assaulted Under RICO Statute. 


Let look at my home town Los Angeles, California


Gloria Allred
Allred, Maroko & Goldberg
6300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1500
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone (323) 302-4773
Fax (323) 653-1660


Her  claim is “Gloria welcomes your correspondence. While she makes every attempt to respond, time constraints sometimes prevent her from answering everyone. However, all legitimate inquiries seeking legal representation will be responded to, usually within a week. Please use the following information to guide you:”

“Gender | Age | Race | Religion | Sexual Orientation | Women | Minorities Employment | Discrimination | Harassment | Abuse | Gloria Allred Los Angeles, California”


 [Gloria Allred]her  claimis  Again is  THAT SHE ” A Fearless Advocate for Justice and Equality”

Gloria Allred is the most famous woman attorney practicing law in the nation today, a tireless and successful advocate whose high-profile legal battles on behalf of victims whose rights have been violated have led to many landmark precedent-setting court decisions and hundreds of millions of dollars which she has won for her clients.

When a high-profile legal case hits the airwaves, we have become accustomed to seeing Gloria Allred in some key role as attorney or commentator. But this nationally-recognized advocate has built her pioneering career on much more than O.J. Simpson and Amber Frey. As a tireless crusader against discrimination in all areas of our lives, Allred’s legal reach has been wide and long. For the past three decades she has played an integral role in combating injustices and winning new rights especially for women and minorities.

Fearless lawyer, feminist, activist, television and radio commentator, warrior, advocate, and winner – Gloria Allred is all of these things and more. Voted by her peers as one of the best lawyers in America, and described by Time magazine as “one of the nation’s most effective advocates of family rights and feminist causes,” Allred has devoted her career to fighting for civil rights across boundaries of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, and social class.

Gloria Allred is a founding partner of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, one of the pre-eminent employment law firms in the country, which has won national prominence through many precedent-setting cases over the course of more than 30 years. With the other attorneys of her firm, Gloria has been involved in some of the most defining cases of our day, including O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, and Robert Blake, as well as one of the earliest sexual abuse suits against the Catholic Church. At the same time, she has also played a role in many groundbreaking legal decisions that have forever changed our lives for the better.”

“Welcome to Gloria’s web page. We invite you to find out more about this remarkable woman.”



Question are these different Attorney hidingPolitical Corruption/ Sexually Assaulted Under RICO Statute/Statewide in AMERICAN, is due to President Barack Obama, ET AL  in the Federal United States District Court,  in the District of Honolulu, Hawaii.



Where is this at ?

The Federal United State District Court at the C338 Prince Kuhio Federal Bldg, 300 Ala Moana Boulevard in Honolulu, Hawaii 96850 :CASE[ CV11 OO180 JMS RLP]




Since President Barack Obama, has Power did he asked these different attorney not to help me with my case and hide thisPolitical Corruption/ Sexually Assaulted under “RICO Statute” ?

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