Getting Started with Activism Cause

Under Construction About Abuse of Power & Corruption

  Cowser Corporation. Com Is a newly  Activism Site. My Activism Site  will be  based on WordPress and has been pre-configured by Netfirms web developers to function as a Activism Site.

This is My  first time setting up my Activism web site, please  bear with me , I am  getting  it together ,Yes this will be easy web page to read and understand it and easy  instructions that will help  guide you through my exciting process checking out my new Activism  web site!

My Activism Site will have these Features

I will have a  installation  of Netfirms Activism Site is pre-configured with the following features:

  • Advanced caching to increase performance.
  • Automated backups of my database.
  • SEO features such as automated sitemap.xml generation and per-post Meta keywords and descriptions.
  • Advanced Anti-Spam tool.
  • Built-in web stats.
  • 8 Color Schemes for my theme.

Logging in to my Activism Site/CowserCorporation.Com.


 Will  have For your convienence, I will  have provided different link like , myyears and other Blog site and email from my web site here.

Success! you have logged in to new ACTIVISM WEB SITE.

You will be  Introduction to Blogging
Learn what a blog is and the typical usage so that you feel better prepared to begin your exciting journey

Under Construction About Abuse of Power & Corruption

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