Mission for Victims

I am  the voices of hope for victims of abuse, by working  So their can be [NO] statutes of limitation on sexually assaulted, using Rico law.Also Under Loop-whole LAW under Constitutional Challenge with Federal and State Law when a Crime has happen already Relate to Political Corruption and Conspiracy in Any American State this is Precedent Law Under Loop-whole LAW Section.The loop law It’s free money pay for by the United State Government free under PORK Barrel programs! Pork belly spending benefits a politician’s voting area and constituents of that State that belly is being fed with all different kind of free programs.

To help victim ,with faith and  hope , let them know they are not along in their fight for Justice. Our Activist Site is about  helping  all victims of abuse and  stop the Corruption using the “RICO LAW”.

To  let the  people of the world know about how to “GET JUSTICE”.

To providing a comprechensive paper work for the world also to protect people of abuse and Corruption and help the survivors obtain justice. In addition my web site is addressed the abuse and Corruption problem and its cover-up with courage and dedication, and by expose the issue that affect the victims during these troubled time.

WARNING: Certain material about Activism Site will  have a  graphic, photo of bloodly dress, this will paint pictures of reality. About the Abuse of Power and Corruption depicts extreme sensuality, brutality about  American State and their real world.

As result ,my Activist JOB was born, February 10, which  is tell  the truth ,  Show all the Paper work with -factual information which will portraya a  lawness society in these  different American State., where people are working inside the different Govermemt Department.

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