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I am waiting on my computer specialist to put all my paper work about my sexual assaulted and Political Corruption and Rico  fact on my web page. I will display all folk’s paper work send too me and what they said. Then you will read the truth, word written from these folk. Paper work will expose all the player in this game of Political Corruption , my sexual assaulted all hiding in American. You will be surprise too see who names is on my  Defendant list.


 2.  I would like to thank all the people for your comments,  also I will be putting the rest of my comments on my web page this week.  In addition some people who have wrote negative comments I will not display them.

 3. The Four’s State who  know about unlawful Crime and Political Corruption Case , As well, being a victim of  sexually assaulted, on February 10,ON WAY TO HOSPITAL BY RACISM Paramedic named Rapozo and as well’ RICO’ Crime, they are trying to cover it up.

1.State of Hawaii

2. State of  Washington D.C.

3. City of Seattle,WA

4.City of San Francisco

Letter were sent too all Civil Right Department as well too Fax  No.too. [808-586-0006] to the  Governor , of State of Hawaii as Constituent of Hawaii and also letter sent and Fax  No. [202-456-2461] too White House Liaison for President Barack Obama and letter address as Dear: Mr. Attorney General of U.S. State of American. 

U.S. Department of Justice, Office of the Inspection General U.S. Department of Justice Investigation Division and  Federally Assisted Programs U.S. Department of Justice of Civil Rights Division and also too Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Complaints office of the Inspector General,U.S. Department of Justice as well as e-mail too all these folk’s


Question if you’re a Victim of   sexually assaulted, could you won’t Justice, because Justice is a peace of mind for me the victim. Yes fighting this all in court and having different set -back, made me fill like a victim, all over again. Sometime Justice  in the court can be slow.  

  Fact: President Barack Obama  is on “AMW” Show saying these words “‘We insist on justice, that what people need”, ON June 18, 2011

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