Our History

  This Activism Site was created to expose the truth about me being sexually assaulted. 

My Activism life begin part time on February 10,1999 until January 2009 and I made change in my life made this my full time job, Activism for Justice!

On February 10, police office Fratinardo found me the Victim unconscious at my two bedrooms “Elima Lani” apartment  68-3883 Lua Kula Street # 1408 .

The Paramedics where called, this same Police man Fratinardo meet the Victim at the hospital. Yes I am Female Victim who was TIE & STRAP DOWN on the Paramedics Gurney] some folk call it the [stretcher] like animal. Yes Beating due to her race and sexually assaulted,, ON WAY TO HOSPITAL BY RACISM Paramedic, name Rapozo. Furthermore their was the corruption Paramedic that drove the Paramedic truck, AND Office Fratinardo & Paramedic Rapozo they are still on the job today, all who engaging in illegal act part of [Rico Corruption ]under illegal Crime using the law from” RICO ACT’”. Furthermore I inform POLICE office Lindsey about the whole issue, his said he was going to retire from the police dept and had noting to due with this issue.

After the fact ,This left the Victim on Disability and the assaulted was so bad left me with injury sever back pain, as results I have a written certification/registry identification for the medical use of marijuana in accordance with title 23 /chapter 202-6 and I lost my Business of housekeeping income and also MY two bedroom apartment,due to being victims of abuse of Corruption of Power and Then Hiding this Corruption on Big island in Hawaii State. I will show all Government people , Dr and Hospital Report ,} Senator of her District paper work also  a letter of Complaint of Misconduct brought by the Public to Fire Department as well as the “ Fire Commission” & letter to Secretary to the Fire Commission and let not forget letter to “Fire Chief during that time” also Complaint Number and Photo, Mayor and [email,l send too them; President  and  Vice President  , how about paper trail phone call too the White House also email too the  speaker of House, different Senator in American Cities, as well trying to connect, with Europe email and web page.,  Truth by Paper work and email and return letter, I have it  all ,some received email and letter. Yes I have copy’s all the paper send to them.

 My web page is  to show support, which gives hope to all victims of abuse of Power and Corruption using the “RICO LAW”, also show you how , these folks  have engaging in political corruption and obstruction of Justice. I will let the world know about it and  how to seek and  “GET JUSTICE” with what happened with this  sexually assaulted.

The history begin February 10, and the mission was born on that day and year ,thus gave Birth to  my Activism Site/CowserCorparation. Com begin to{ Show that  any} lawless State in American running wild in the Dark will come to Light BY the  Public Eye, it call web page, Blog, email, its is almost ready.

I will examining this cover-up from the abuse victims who has face discrimination, and by seeking to follow the inclusive, universal path , by promoting safe environment of abuse victims and to let them know I will promoting and obtain justice  and letting the governance be aware as well as the sexually assaulted,  Abuse victims will received financial help due to this  abuse and Corruption using the RICO law.

This is about having Integrity in world and letting Corruption people know , what done in the Dark will come to the Light!

See Paper when web page comptete, if their no justice here is copy of Official Transcript, unofficial if seal is broke from California State University and my letter from Brandy McLelland Director of Student Records & Student Information Services office of Records and Registration and mailed on 12/22/2010 too prove my Case sexually assaulted, on February 10 in Hawaii[Big island]under Corruption using the RICO law

See Paper when web page comptete, if their no justice

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