Obama Former President Last State Of Union Speech January 2016 Was A Farce!

Being the first African American President is supposed to bring happiness and contentment for all of American People.

For this not to be true anymore, this is somewhat shocking for People of world to read:

As African American Female I vote for Obama the first time he ran with hope and joy for an new beginning in America.

Question? how many minority have been victim of crime-under Obama watch. Furthermore how many people were afraid to come let the truth be heard. Due to fact that some folk would not believe them,because he was the first Black President.

Well as 64 year African American Female ,this is what happen to me on The Big Island. I was strapped down in Paramedic Gurney, Punched in the face and stomach and Sexually Assaulted & Physical abuse by the Attending Paramedic who work in Waikoloa on the Big Island. In this tussle the paramedic gurney fell over and I injured my back.

This sexual assault & Physical abuse which happen to me on February 10 and I lost my Small Housekeeping Business job due all this as well of my injury cause by pain and suffer.Yes I am on Disability now.

The case which took me 12 years before it was allow in Hawaiian Court in 2011 and they close my case 2012 . which I have filed in two different Courts ,In federal and state court in The Hawaiian island . The court’s lie and said I did not turn my paperwork in on time,I have proof I file my paper work on time.Yes,come,see, read and check out Paperwork and Hawaiian Court Respond.

In addition I have mail court paper work to Former President Barack Obama who work for United States of America .This President is hiding the truth ,about my case being close by the Cove-up with my sexual assault & Physical abuse. Why did he hide it? It’s his hometown.

Former President Obama Last State Of Union Speech January 2016 Was A Farce!

Why because he said his job was to protect American People from an crime as well as protecting American against terrorism group like “Isis” an other bad terrorism group .

Well in year 2011 ,I sent Obama my paper work as well as paper work where he had to come to court.This first African American thug President he hid my sexual assault & Physical abuse case which was in his hometown call Hawaiian island.

The Former President received his court paper and information about the two different court which did not do their job.These were the federal and state court on the Hawaiian island, yes this is bigger than Watergate Cove-Up!

Furthermore I made copy of paper work that I sent to different court as well as Facebook post and to folk I have tweet too and sent it to my hard drive on computer & Free Agent Go Flex storing data for proof.
I am talking about Forensic Evidence by way of computer, as well as dress with blood on it during my Sexually Assaulted .
This too back up my word as well as copy of my paper work that I sent to the different court’s and to White House address to Former President Barack Obama.

The first African American President is a sham, okay better yet a fake and big Phony!

No this is not Ridiculous did you read what happen to me{Political Activist Janis Cowser}

Furthermore during the year 2014 & 2015 almost 1/8 of time their were photo of Obama was playing golf and having good time.
Furthermore he also was with a few Celebrity folk who golf with him as well.

While ISIS the terrorism group was beheading different folk from other Country.

Let not don’t forget the America that was sexually abused and tortured and lost the head too by ISIS the terrorism group. Who were they?

American Female hostage Kayla Mueller “on the anniversary of her death in Syria, her family suggests they are preparing to go public with “the heartbreaking story” of their attempts to ransom her from the Islamic State.

And, they say, they will be speaking out about “those who hindered us” — an apparent reference to their frustration with officials in the Obama administration over how their daughter’s case was handled”.

The family confirmation statement that humanitarian worker who was 26-year-old was from Prescott, Ariz., was held captive by the Islamic State for nearly two years and then murder in February 2015.

“U.S. officials have confirmed that Mueller was tortured by her Islamic State captors — and, according to debriefings of some who were held with her — even taken as a “wife” and sexually abused by the terror group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.”

Furthermore their is an video that shows the beheading of American Steven Sotloff also ISIS beheaded journalist James Foley; in that video.

This is the terrorist group that President Obama said he was going to protect American People from.

May all people RIP who were sexually abused and tortured as well as beheaded by ISIS terror group’s.

The Former President call Obama was connected, with a crime and with Political Corruption using his power to hid the information about my sexual assault & Physical abuse which happen in Hawaiian island ,thus he can be impeach for treason!

Don’t wait let send this lawless man to jail we call the Former President call Barack Obama.

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  1. admin says:

    “Hunger For A Taste Of Justice”
    Psalms 82:2″ How long will you continue to judge with injustice” “And show partiality to the wicked”

    True Fact:
    2 Thessalonians 11″And for this cause, because they would not hear the truth,God shall send them strong delusion,that they should believe a lie instead.”

    2 Thessalonians 12″That they all might be eternally damned who choose to believe not the truth, but rather had pleasure in unrighteousness”

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