I will list all 59 Defendant[s] Name for Federal Court if their No Settement

  If their No Settlement in 15 days , I will list all 59 Defendant[s] Name who will be  present  in Federal Court on June 20, 2011 , Monday.   I will name all 4 state’s that hide my sexually assaulted and denied me, Due Process of Law as well as  deprived  me of my  rights and privileges as United State citizens.

We are protected by  the Constitution and the Bill of Right, yet I was denied  my human right which is the relationships within our government. This is why every American should study our Constitution and understanding our  law and how other people  will violation  your right, if you don’t know the law of land and your own Constitution.

 Furthermore I will even scan copy of every Senator and every person of the House of Representatives and other member of Congress who where indirect knew of my crime by email from me during the years 2010[ did you say copy of paper work].

These 59 Defendant[s]  who where Name  in my  Federal complaints,  knew and hide my sexually assaulted by paramedic Rapozo. Thus they themselves create this  political corruption and  denied me Due Process of Law as well as  deprived me of human law and violation  my [1, 5, 10, 14 Amendment's]. 

Get this 57 Defendant[s]have  9 writ  each and 2 of the Defendant have each 10 writ’ a piece, also I will scan my letter of  all my Writ and my written  legal complaints for Federal  District Court too my web page so every body can read it.

In addition both the Chief, of  the U.S. District Judge  /s/ Suan Mollway and the   Magistrate Judge Richard L. Puglisi  they hereby acknowledge receipt of the Order Setting Rule 16 Scheduling Conference in The UNITED STATE DISTRICT COURT , For Monday,June 20, 2011.


Here Are My Final and Last Chance  Agreement.


This what I need for Justice

1. Federal protecting from my 59 Defendant.


2.A Financial Agreement 3 time RICO AWARD


3. Book Deal in all language that is need, in all 4 State’s of my defendant [the book is for the school, my book will teach children the real value of life and how not to commit unlawful crime and hide immoral act or have a immoral personality with people of a different race, background or social statue. The lesson the children will learn how to concerned with right and wrong conduct. A lesson of moral principles in their life and their job and how too treat other people in society as a whole.  —–They will learn that if you do people wrong  ,that Law will  get you every time. Bad folk’s will go to jail or pay a fine or both. Life is  sometime not fair, but when you are rich and powerful they will  always  have a settlement  with a person and won’t admit they did wrong, they will  just pay you off, because they got Caught in the Act of wrongdoing!



4. The book will be call “Moral Fire Under Fire” In addition their will be a documentary movie about my book “Moral Fiber Under Fire”  in  the School here in all  the state who  violation  my Civil Right and commit unlawful act, under the different section of Amendment’s , Article  of the Constitution and State law .



  5. The Book Deal will be  in all the School in the Fall, 2012 of that year and the next year a documentary movie  no later than the fall 2013. In each of the Defendant home State, who deprived  me  of law and willfully violation my right.



6.All Parent must sign for their children too read my book for extra credit for their grade level.



7. If any  Peron that live in American that is the age of 21 years  and wish too read my Book in these  Defendant state’s  their must be a place to go and pick my book up and they will have the right too a free copy as well, all part of a paid  Agreement.



My Final and Last Chance  Agreement with me Ms. Janis Cowser with  the Plaintiff, yes this is the same offer during year Summer 2010 and February 22, 2011 Tuesday and I was refusal.


As an results I was force too file a legal complaints  with the Federal Court on March 21,2011  and  it was file  the same day with the United State District Court and case number is  Civil 11-0018o JMS-RLP.


Now I give you my “Final and Last Chance Agreement[same offer during year Summer 2010 and February 22, 2011 on Tuesday” I forgot also March 12, 2011, using my fax number [808-769-4310, I made my last tried]   before  filing my paper work for court on March 18, 2011 and myFederal Court Date  it’s for ,Monday June 20,2011.

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