Only this Lawyer will help me with Sexually Assaulted Case on the Hawaiian Island ,is Lisa Bloom Firm

1.Lisa Bloom Firm told me to call back when I have $5000 Dollars also the price tag could reach up $25,OOOO Dollars. Per Lanora then she would help me and call Lanora at her cell number 1-917-371-5685 when I have the money. Our conversation that took place on Friday,June 12,2015.

This lawyer Lisa Bloom is helping Former supermodel Janice Dickinson who accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault[which was 30 years ago].

My sexual assault[which was 19 years ago]also my name was slander & I too was Defamed.

I have Disability Parking Placard good to 2017 and will be renew Nov.2017 & I take Oxycodne-10-MG and Acetaminophen.
Also lost my small housekeeping Business job due to my sexually assaulted and physical abuse.Also I have to wear Lumbar Back Brace with lumbar support pad. I have my Medical Marijuana license with State of Hawaii – for the last 14 years, here on Hawaiian island.
Furthermore I have caregiver who come to my apartment once a week and clean my apartment and this is an 3 hours job

Did I say, I am trying see if I can ues “Go FUND ME” web page and their rely is Campaign Under Review…

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