Update New 2018-Pastor Robert E. Daley Is Still Helping Political Activist Janis Cowser With Sexual Assaulted Case

I am fighting to have my cases reheard. Furthermore I   asked Pastor Robert E. Daley to help and  he has already writing different letters to folks about my case

Pastor Robert E. Daley was Ordained 34 years ago and has work for 13 1/2 years  at Central Christian Church, which is  located at 109 Haili Street in Hilo Hi 96720. Yes it’s is true that Pastor Robert E. Daley last day at Central Christian Church, was Sunday, December 27,2015.

I will be forever grateful to Pastor Robert E. Daley for planting the truths into me about God in Heaven, & Jesus also the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Robert E. Daley can be reach by phone at this number 808- 987-7370  also at his web  site is : thedaleys@bythebookministires.org

Pastor Robert E. Daley  just move to  Reno, Nevada on 1-20-2017 and currently will be preaching at Reno,Nevada Prison as well preaching to sick and dying people at an Reno,Nevada Hospital.

Furthermore Bible Studying Class and Discipleship Class will be announce in Reno,Nevada late 2017 also  Pastor Robert E. Daley will continue to help me with my case with “Sexual Assaulted Case” from Reno, Nevada.


Please help. GIVE FREE DONATE; By Paying  for my Lawyer to Lisa Bloom Firm to speak to Lanora at her cell number 1-917-371-5685 and ask where or how you can send your fund to them.

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